The Fat One

Things changed after the Christmas break, they were getting hot and serious at the same rate as we were getting impatient.
We needed to have a car!

It didn’t take long when one day Franz came up with this Car in Ritterhude.
On a cold Saturday morning mid-January we drove down south into the vicinity of Bremen to check out this mega-wagon. Jörg had called them a couple of times before to make sure that the car was still there and to confirm their opening hours on a Saturday morning.
The moment we arrived at this car sales yard we immediately identified it. The seller was on the phone when we approached him allegedly talking to another person interested in the car. He asked the guy on the other end to hold off with his trip from Dortmund up to Bremen until we had finished checking out the car.

We said we were interested in the car, wanted to check and test-drive it. Before the journey we had downloaded a buying guide for a W210, the Mercedes model in question. Apparently this model had some weird and quite random rust issues because it was Mercedes-Benz’s first model using water-based paint and they didn’t have the process under control right from the start. The good message was that cars which had made it until now shouldn’t be too affected obviously. We were looking under the car, inside the engine bay, under the seats, the back seats where the battery is located and so on and all looked quite OK.
Or so we thought.
Then we took it for a test drive, test drive being a big word in this case because the car wasn’t registered and didn’t have a license plate. so it was just up and down the street in this industrial area checking the brakes and whatever we were able to check in this short time.

We liked what we saw and after some deliberation we decided we would go for it. We were convinced that in this price range no car will be perfect, we will have to put some additional money into it anyway and we also thought that we didn’t really wanted to waste the next 5-10 weekends in some dodgy car sale yards only to find ourselves in similar situations. So it was a deal, which we told the seller. He then called the other guy from Dortmund telling him that the car was sold, and no, even if he was willing to pay more that the deal was already done. If that call was real or not we’ll never know. But then we didn’t care.

Here we are with our purchase, excited and proud.

Then we had to come up with a name for our new companion and after much deliberation we came up with:
“Der Dicke” – “The Fat One”.
We paid a bit more than half of the price in cash and got all the papers handed over in order to get the car registered after which we then wanted to pick it up.
We were proud owners of a Mercedes-Benz E320 and shit was getting serious now…

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