Short Update

A bit less than 5 weeks to go and then we’re off. Here’s where we are today.

The Fat One:
The Fat One is still at Falke for being wrapped. Obviously there were some misunderstandings and imponderabilities thus progress has been not as swiftly and smoothly as planned. Still we hope that the wrapping will be finished this week because Franz and I plan to pick it up next Monday (public holiday in Germany). From there we’ll drive to Dortmund to Franz’ friend Christoph from who we will borrow most of the camping gear we’ll need, most notably the roof tent. For this we’ve already acquired the rack that goes on the roof rails.


We’ll also get a table, chairs, a 12V cooler box, a double camping gas stove and other items.

Franz’ neighbour Nino who was mentioned in the first post as he did the BSC in 2015 and hence he was a bit of a trigger for us to go on this adventure, works at SONY and donated a radio which was already installed a few weeks ago just before we brought the car to Falke. It’s working well(ish), the stock speakers in the car sound way better than anticipated, however there seems to be an issue with the FM reception, which we need to work on once we get the car back.

We have already exceeded the goal for charitable donations set by the organisers and we are very grateful for all those donors, friends and family alike.
You’ve been very generous and we can only say: Thank you so much!
Nonetheless we hope that this won’t stop you, who haven’t donated yet, to still do so. Remember it’s very, very easy, just check here and choose a charity you like.
Every little helps.

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