Transforming the Fat One – Pt.2

It took a while.
7 weeks.
And in the end it wasn’t quite what had been promised by others and expected from us but it’s OK.
Especially the colours are great. Day glow yellow on dark blue is always a winning combination. The other sponsor’s decals are in production right now and should be delivered this week and then we’ll do a bit of a puzzle and search and find spots where to put them on the car next weekend.

So, we’ve picked the Fat One up yesterday in Schmallenberg, attached our team’s number on the doors and then drove to Dortmund to visit Christoph, Franz’ friend who’s been so lovely to borrow us the roof tent plus some other camping gear like chairs, a table, two gas cookers, etc.
Thank you very much, Christoph!
While driving from Dortmund to Hamburg we realised that the heating/air con still requires some TLC. On the driver’s side it is OK, albeit it could definitely be a bit cooler, but the passenger side has established itself as some kind of hot air grill. The idea of one sitting in the car with a fleeced hoodie and the other in briefs and t-shirt is not necessarily the way how we imagine the trip and could potentially lead to some conflict. The Garagist has already been informed and the Fat One will be dropped of later this week to get this sorted out.

Stay tuned for the final decoration session this coming weekend.

Btw, if you’re reading this and haven’t had the chance yet to donate to one of our charities just click here. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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