Transforming the Fat One – Pt. 3

It was a hot day, which didn’t help our ongoing preparations. We were attaching the remaining stickers and decals and the results do not look very professional but we had fun. We maybe should have researched before how to apply these without having to many bubbles and creases but then maybe we can sell this as some kind automotive Sprezzatura. We have to admit though that at the same time we were testing some ales in cans to decide which ones to take on our trip and the jury’s still out on this one. Some might say that there could be a correlation with the results of our efforts but I’m not so sure…

After that we did some loading rehearsal. At first when we saw what needs to get into the Fat One we were sightly doubtful but then he lived up to his name and swallowed everything with quite some room to spare. Which will be filled up with water, food, beer and bog rolls.

We’ve also got the tracking activated and you can follow our journey here: Tracking
We’ve also added that link to the menu bar on top of the page.

We are team 23 Scuderia Nordica. Sometimes you’d need to refresh the site to see the actual positions, which btw allegedly have a delay of 15 minutes.

After that we started planning the route for the first 3 days so assuming the roadbook doesn’t want us to go somewhere completely different we should be fine till Östersund. This made us realize that Sweden is vast and long. Very long. It’ll take us 3 days to get up to somewhere south of the middle of the country.

Today the car was brought back to the Garagist as the HVAC needs still some TLC as mentioned in the previous post. Apparently one of the actuators on the passenger side needs to be replaced for which the whole dashboard needs to be removed – ouch.

We hope to get him back by Wednesday night, Thursday lunch time latest in order to do our final prep.

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