Last Preparations

The day of the start was coming closer and closer. We’ve been in constant contact with each other to make sure we didn’t forget anything, which I’m sure we will have. But then we’re not embarking on a trip through the Sahara but will be driving through, in places maybe rather scarcely populated regions, but still not more than (wild guess ->) 50km away from the next village, shop, petrol station, supermarket or pub so whatever might be missing we will have the opportunity to get it somewhere.
Also the organizers were making sure we got  in contact with the other teams as they had established a WhatsApp group for all the participants of the BSC 2018. This group proved to be rather popular with funny messages coming in at a staggering frequency. We had to mute it to prevent our phone’s lock screen being inundated with messages.

While reading the all the messages we came across the story of Toni. Toni is going on this trip with his Vespa PX200! What an undertaking! When we’ve also learned that Toni’s starting number is 260, i.e. the last, Jörg’s wife Anne thought this to be rather sad, him being alone and having to watch all other teams leave before him, so we started the petition on WhatsApp to have Toni start as number 1, which was then vividly supported by the other teams.
Here’s Tony with his Vespa.


The organizers also activated the live tracking app and web page. So if you want to follow us you can do so here:
You may have to occasionally refresh the page to see the latest movements and fyi the data will be published with a 15 minutes delay. And it works.


As you may remember from a previous post we had some trouble with the heating and air condition of the Fat One. This has now been resolved and it works swimmingly well. A big thanks to the Garagist, Stephan, for only charging the material and not the work which in this case was quite a lot and rather cumbersome as they had to remove the whole dash board. So (switching ad mode one) if you need a car to be fixed and well taken care of get in contact with him, you and your gear will be in good hands (switching ad mode off).

The day before we did the packing and this also went rather well. There’s still some room in the car. The car was cleaned, fueled and the air pressure of the tires was upped a wee bit to cope with the weight and the presumably sometimes not so good roads.


We’ve also added some important items like an electric mosquito swatter and a sun umbrella, which hopefully will also protect us from the rain.

Lastly we installed a GoPro as a dash cam and had to drill a hole into the case in order to have constant power supply for the cam.
After that we went to the pre-rally get together at Altes Mädchen and then a goodbye dinner with our girls.

More probably later today.

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